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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

That's me

It's always good to have a relatively fresh picture of yourself posted on your blog, so that readers can see what you look like. Here's the latest image of me, produced by our six-year-old daughter:

Pretty good likeness.

Comments (11)

Jack...Tanya Harding just picked you out of a lineup, using this sketch.

You were wearing your fuzzy clothes when you sat for that portrait.

Actually, I never sat for it. I think that's why it looks fuzzy -- it's just blurred from my perpetual motion.

Crayola Burnt Sienna is a good color on you, Jack.

It looks like blue is feeling you instead of you feeling blue. Touching....

Wayne Dyer called. He wants his sweater back.

I'm glad to see she can color outside of the lines too...

Hmmm, a commercial for " Outer Limits"?

Cute picture!

Heck, it's better than most of the stuff I see on First Thursdays.

This reminds me of Picasso. Keep an eye on that one Dad.

For crayon out loud, Jack, that is one baaad outFIT!

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