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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rough times ahead

It's already illegal to blow your nose in Portland. You know what's coming next?

Let's put it this way: City Hall workers would be well advised to hide all copies of today's New York Times. Because once the true believers on the City Council read this article, there will likely be some changes made in the building's restrooms.

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So why can't Al Gore live like that?

Interesting article. Good for them. Im sure I couldnt do that...especially the "no toilet paper" part.
And in all honesty, I work for a company that makes paper. It would be kind-of self defeating to do something that would put me out of a job.

It's all part of the paper-less office, I guess.

[gratuitous Bush bash]

I hear Bush has been running a paperless office. he declared the Constitution is "just a piece of paper" and so has been using it to wipe, obviating the need to purchase toilet paper.

[/gratuitous Bush bash]

so do they wipe?.... think ill stick with my carnivorous, wasteful and pampered paper life style. i am sparkling clean and pleasantly scented.. joco

Anybody notice they have a HOUSEKEEPER come in once a week?

No toilet paper, but a maid?

Sounds like Walden II to me...

fairly ironic, to live low impact with no use of toilet paper to publish a BOOK with pages of paper.

so do they wipe?

Not a problem. Nothing much grows within 100mi. of New York, so it's a very low residue diet.

so do they wipe?

They can always use the Times, I guess. Just not the online version...

Nothing much grows within 100mi. of New York

I may have lived in Oregon since 1972, but the Long Islander left in me has to take exception.

Most of the corn and potato fields of my youth may be gone (though Zahn's duck farm within walking distance of where I grew up remains), but Long Island remains an important breadbasket to NYC, well within 100 miles (as does New Jersey, "The Garden State"). In fact, LI's got a thriving wine industry on both the north and south forks of eastern Long Island.

So there...

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