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Friday, March 23, 2007

New honcho at PDC

An e-mail from the Portland Development Commission just informed us that they've hired Erin Flynn, a Boston business consultant, to be the agency's new economic development director. Back on Feb. 16, we noted that the PDC was having trouble filling this position. Eventually, they landed Flynn, who in her career in the private realm has had ample contacts with the Rose City. The PDC announcement notes that she --

was the lead consultant on Portland's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy in 2005. She led a coordinated public-private effort to form Portland’s Economic Development District—a designation that is necessary for Portland to receive grant dollars through the federal Economic Development Administration. She has also been a keynote speaker at annual meetings of the Portland Business Alliance and Portland Regional Partners for Business.
After the Katz-Adams administration left the city's economy on the rocks, with nobody left to make money here but the condo scoundrels, a concerted effort to try to improve the enterpreneurial outlook of the place is much needed. The current labor-management battlefield at the PDC isn't going to be the easiest base from which to make great things happen, but let's hope that Flynn can do it.

Comments (3)

Well, I wish her the best of luck. She'll need it to walk into that snake's nest.

If history is any indication she'll last about 3 years before she "resigns to spend more time with her family" which is PDC code for YOUR FIRED.

Seriously though, perhaps one person with limited political influence and a staff of 20 can fix Portland's economy and increase better business relations. Oh, wait, we're talking PDC here, never mind...

If she adapts as well as Bruce Warner we'll be seeing her become the newest member of the chronically crooked cabal.
Good luck indeed.

She's from Boston which means she's a liberal so that part will fit in. Boston LOVES this gentrification and cram more people into a smaller and smaller area nonsense; so she'll fit right in. I'm sure they cut her a FAT deal (which she will need to live and work in this town). Bottom line, she'll be one of the 'good-ole-boys' before she sets foot in this town. Too bad to, I really thought I had that job wrapped up - maybe they didn't like my toothpaste.

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