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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gaudemus maxime

The teaching of the beautiful language of Latin at Portland's Grant High School has reportedly been rescued from the budget ax, at least for the time being. That was the word earlier this afternoon from this alert commenter.

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Ok, so they've saved Latin at Grant. Great! But the powers that be have decreed that 8.64 teachers at Benson High School must be cut!! Benson is being systematically gutted by Vickie Phillips and company. What was once the crown jewel of Professional/Technical education in the country is a shadow of its former self. It can be great again...but only if its given the funding it so richly deserves. Come on...there must be some alums out there who have some power to get the school board to sit up and take notice of what's going on! If something isn't done soon, Simon Benson's legacy will DIE!!

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