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Sunday, March 25, 2007

E-mail, we get e-mail

Hope this one isn't true:

Spouse of a Portland police officer says a police officer was recently put on administrative leave. Seems they discovered a marijuana grow operation in his basement. Media hasn't discovered the story yet. Thought you'd want to know about this seeming coverup.
Editors of Portland, get on this one. And let me know where to send my bill.

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No worries he had a medical marijuana card (which to the stupid people means license to grow and distribute).

I wonder how many of the ten thousand plus card carriers in oregon are actualy dying of some terminal illness.

Its kind of like the handicapped parking spaces. Do you remember the time when those were for people in those wheelchair vans that were actually handicapped. I feel sorry for those folks now because the only people i see using those spots with the government approved tag seem to be just overweight and lazy-not handicapped

Thank you for another uplifting view from your window on the world.

ace: While Jack's comment says this more succinctly than I could, I still feel compelled to comment. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps a legitimate disability could escape your view? People have disabilities that inhibit their mobility without being necessarily visible. People with mobility-hindering disabilities are more likely to be overweight, since they have less outlets for exercise. Judging people on appearances, while easy, is not really valid. How are these handicapped people harming you? Is it really worth being upset because they get a better parking spot than you?

But really, Jack's twelve words said it better. I'm just outlining it in case you missed it.

Hey! Ace is my brotha! (Did I say that right?) So back off.
There is probably some truth to both sides of this. I don't mind the best parking being dedicated to handcapped people, although it seems they are always mostly empty, and all those wheelchair curb depressions that the city retrofitted at intersections...you know... the ones that allow blind people to walk out into traffic because they couldn't feel the curb, and mandating wheelchair lifts on all all TriMet buses when they already had wheelchair accessible vans dedicated for door to door service.
There seems to have been an over the top response to handicapped accessibility especially when the reality of who the handicapped are is so far removed from the image.
Just where are all those wheelchairs?
For that matter where are the canes,walkers and crutches?
Don't get me wrong I am not without sympathy for the truly handicapped. I had a cousin who was wheelchair bound with M.S. and saw her frustrations firsthand. If ever I think I am having a bad day I think of her, and the grace and character she showed thru her life, even when that last "van accessible" handicapped spot was taken by one of the "ambulatory" handicapped.

Here's one that kinda rubbed me the wrong way the other day... I'm at the library and I'm sitting in the car while my youngest goes in to drop off a book and pick up a couple new ones. A car pulls up and takes a handicapped parking spot. And they did, in fact, have the HC tag hanging from their mirror. The driver gets out and clearly NOT handicapped, strolls into the library while the passenger (who from the looks of things was probably the person for whom the handicapped status was bestowed) sits in the car waiting. Maybe I'm being petty, but that struck me as screwed. C'mon, if the handicapped person isn't intending on getting out of the car, shouldn't they leave that parking spot for another who may be?

James J:

"Hey! Ace is my brotha! (Did I say that right?)" Did you actually say that?

Wow Jack, you've got some first class guests here. Ace may be right that MM cards are being abused by some, but don't let this deteriorate into a disabled person bashing.

To those complaining you had to walk an extra eight feet because of the disabled parking space: does that make you jealous or lazy yourself?

Isn't the larger issues that the PPD is once again revealed to be an employer of folks that like to break the rules just as much as non-police people? Don't get me wrong, i appreciate the PPD but refuse to put them on the alter because I see them as regular people just like you and me.

I guess I didnt get my point across clearly. I was not bashing anyone with a true dissability. What I was trying to say is I think we all know there are quack doctors out their that will prescribe MM cards to anyone for any reason for a few hundred bucks and I think that practice carries over into the parking tag system as well. Most of the people I see using those spaces lately get out and walk nomaly into the store without any physical dissability that I can tell.If I lost my hearing in my left ear that would be a dissability but should I be able to park in a wheelchair space for it

I was with a friend who has a sever walking disability. He walks fine until you go long distances, his limp gets considerable worse, and he needs to either rest his leg for hours at a time or be carried from his location. When we were at the beach, he ended up going too far and a couple of us had to help carry him back to the car.

We were coming out of Fred Meyer one day and the three of us looked like any normal early 20 year olds. Some person in a van pulled up behind our friend's car that was parked in a handicapped space with the placard hanging from the mirror and yelled, 'You f'ed up kids need to save that space for those who actually need it, shame on you'. I can tell you my friend was so embarrased and on the verge of tears apologizing to US, saying this happens to him all the time.

Let's not assume we know why people are using handicap placards or MM cards. Some might be abusing the system, but many people aren't and shouldn't be questioned by every Tom, Dick and Harry who thinks they can provide a drive by diagnosis of someone condition... kinda like Frist's video diagnosis of that poor braindead woman.

one of the best parts of Jack's blog is trying to guess what the comment section topic is really going to be.

cop grows pot = handicapped parking!

If anyone has any objections to comments I have made on this blog my URL is now posted and I would be happy to discuss them with you.

FYI Ace- You don't have to be terminally ill to legally get a medical marijuana card in Oregon. Check out the statute - and what it really takes to get an Rx - (your condition has to be documented within the last year by your regular doctor even if you go to someone else to get the Rx) before getting your tail feathers in an uproar.

But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good rant?

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