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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Consumer quiz

Which is easier to buy in Portland?

A. Heroin.

B. King Harvest Balsamic Hummus.

The correct answer will be posted here tomorrow.

Comments (11)

Is balsamic hummus legal now?

If you live in the Pearl, you can probably buy both just down the street a block or two, or take the streetcar, maybe you'll see Vera!

Just what kind of experiment have you been conducting around town, Jack.

Isn't hummus simply heroin for hippies?

King Harvest Balsamic Heroin is great with mini pitas, man.

Don't bogart the hummus.

Hummus is easy to roll - but man...

it's soooo hard to light.

Everyone knows that William Burroughs mainlined hummus when he lived in Morocco.

Though I doubt he did anything as extravagant as balsamic or Trader Joe's cilantro-jalepeno hummus.

By the way, Jack, are you asking, or do you know the answer?

Heroin is easy to get, I assume. Not into that scene. The corner of NW 3rd and Burnside seems like a good spot to start if you're looking. Or basically anywhere downtown.

Which costs more for a single serving?

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