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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ah, college days

Here's an interesting Google search that brought a reader here this afternoon.

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I think today's generation is getting a little too dependent on the internet.

It's not like they're hidden behind the counter or anything.

Might have been a sixth-grade boy.

The real question is: Is it easier to buy condoms or balsamic hummus in Corvallis?

I could see someone in the checkout at a natural foods place down there with just those two items in his order: balsamic hummus and a box of condoms. The clerk scans them both into the system, and just to make small talk while they wait for the debit card to clear, the clerk says to the customer...

At an Albertson's in California once, about 20 years ago, the guy in front of me in the express lane had two items: a bottle of ketchup and a pack of condoms. Yee. Hah.

"Something to put on your wiener, sir?"

For my original set up: "I see you're dipping the carrot tonight."

Homer: "Let me have one of those porno magazines, large box of condoms, a bottle of Old Harper, a couple of those panty shields, and some illegal fireworks, and one of those disposable enemas...eh, make it two."

"Those can make you falafel-like you're wearing a raincoat in the shower".

"That'll make your baba ghanooj."

"Then pilaf."

the clerk says to the customer...How is that sleep apnea thing going?

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