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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Slogan of the Week

Inspired by a typo in a blog comment:

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Bumper stickers? Yard signs? T-shirts?

And sell 'em at Saturday Market!

Jim Karlock has admitted that "Condor"'s substitution for "Condos" was not a typo error. I hope he will quickly copyright the name, and profit. and carry on his insightful comments with research. Even if some of us may disagree occasionally.

That doesn't make much sense.
May I suggest:

Condoms not condos.

Unite, don't untie!

visualize whirled peas

I think the Audubon Society should insist on nest boxes for condors on the SoWhat condo's.

Then, when the condors use the boxes, we can close down the condo's via the Endangered Species Act.

I see this as a Zen sort of solution.

Zen again, maybe not.

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