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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Silence is approval

Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto says he hasn't heard a single negative peep out of anybody in the general public about his recent antics, including his selfless "intervention" with lady friend Lee Doss. And so he argues that everyone must be satisfied with his performance, which, according to this morning's O, has earned him the nicknames "Porno Pants" and "The Teflon Sheriff":

"This sheriff has received not one e-mail, not one phone call, not one comment on the street relative to this situation," he says. "What the public is telling you is that the public is satisfied that my actions in this situation were acceptable."
I suspect that many of the sheriff's constituents have failed to convey their thoughts to him because they don't have his e-mail address handy. Here it is:


Just in case the sheriff misplaces your e-mail due to his constant laser-like focus on county business, you might want to send a copy to the reporter who wrote the O story, Arthur Sulzberger. His e-mail address is arthursulzberger@news.oregonian.com.

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Here's what I wrote:

Dear Sheriff Giusto:

I see that you have not received any e-mail critical of your recent conduct. Let me be the first, then, to tell you that it was disgraceful. The residents of Multnomah County should be ashamed to have you as their top law enforcement officer.

Thanks for your attention.

Jack Bogdanski
NE Portland

I've been very clear. I won. I didn't commit the crime.
-O. J. Simpson, in a 2004 television interview...

Just when I thought hubris had been defined, they raise the bar on me. Then again, what do you expect from someone who got his start running interference for Greasy Neil. Thanks for the emails, I did send this off:

I read with amusement the InPortland articel and your intrepretation of the lack of emails regarding your behavior as approval.

If this is the case, then consider this email as a disapproval and representative of other's views. Using your office and position to interfere and threaten the ex-husband of someone you are personally involved with is inappropriate. At a minimum, if it actually was domestic violence, it should have been assigned to someone with no personal involvement with any party in the matter. This is similar to Mr Foxworth's behavior using his office as police chief to pressure someone in a personal relationship and under his employ.

I own several properties in Multnomah county and pay property taxes and, in turn, a portion of your salary. I ask you prioritize more pressing issues such as crime rates in Rockwood and meth abusers instead of focusing on domestic relationships you are involved in personally.

Please do not interpret this as a lack of approval for the Multnomah County police department or any of its deputies who have my whole-hearted support in a thankless job.

Being an elected official, put the blame where it belongs. The dupes of Portland.

Well, this should be interesting. Excuse me while I go get some popcorn before the show gets into full swing.

"Why the different standard?"

I think the main diff is Giusto has the full backing of the deputies' union, while Foxworth decided to take on the Police Union by re-assigning "disabled" police to desk jobs instead of letting them collect disability.

You should realize who calls the shots in this state politically - the public employee unions.

Sheriff Giusto,

I find it incomprehensible that you have not received any negative comments about your conduct re "this situation". I doubt the truth of that statement. In my opinion, this is simply the latest in a long series of missteps, misjudgements, misuse of your office and general moral laxity. Intermingling your professional and personal life with such blithe disregard for the community you serve, not to mention the honor of the office of sheriff, is the last straw. You have made the office a laughingstock and an embarrassment to all your co-workers and constituents.

I think you are a disgrace to the community and your self-serving, 180-degree-from-the-truth characterization of the results of the state investigation into "this situation" don't fool anyone but, apparently, you. You insult us daily by remaining in office.

Retire, resign - just go away!

I'd ask whether you are capable of shame, but the answer is obvious.

Dear Bernie,

How many OTHER married women have you slept with as the county's number one law enforcement officer?

2, 20, 200?

Please round it off to the nearest ho... I mean zero.


Love and kisses,

I cannot believe that I sit here admiring one of Daphne's posts, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Fantastic!

From the Oregon State Law Enforcement Code of Ethics: "I will keep my personal life unsullied, as an example to all." I guess BAG missed the day they covered that at the DPSST Management Academy...

The probelm is this: While the Sheriff was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the AG's report, it did not address the numerous aspects of moral terpitude, violations of MCSO rules/regs, and policies/procedures.

Clearly, a reasonable investigation conducted by an independant investigative authority would illustrate these.

Most police agencies have no mechanism in place to investigate misconduct at the executive level. With exception of OSP and PPB, the decision of investigate misconduct usually lies solely with chief executive officer of the organization. Therein lies the inherent conflict of interest.

Before anyone starts clammering for a statewide police independant review committee, understand that a number of persons up & down the chain of command usually have knowledge of these types of things while they are occurring.

However, there is no way for those subordinates to report executive level misconduct. And, those politicians supervising executive level, or command officers usually don't want to hear about it unless you've got irrefutable evidence to substantiate it.

The primary reason for this is that most politicians understand the civil risk public disclosure brings. So they close their eyes and hope it goes away.

This is evidenced by Mayor Potter's (and former Mayor Katz') selective amnesia in the Foxworth meltdown.

In the case of MSCO, the only current recourse the citizens have is the recall process. I doubt if many citizens want to take the time and money to persue such a matter.

I worked for Bernie for several years, and on occasion had to listen to him pontificate about "maintaining the public trust."

So Bernie, by the standards I have you youself espouse, I would like to offer a simple solution:

Call the Superintendent of the Oregon State Police, ask for a loan of 2-3 Internal Affairs investigators. (Ensuring that the investigators are not former peers or friends of yours during your OSP days.) Furnish them with all pertinent documentation related to this incident.

Make yourself, and your entire staff available for interview. Let the investigators draw conclusions as to rule violations in a final report. Release the unredacted final report to the public for review.

You owe it to the citizens we serve Bernie. Anything less will just be the continuation of a clumsy whitewash.

Karma can be a real bitch some times...

Please excuse the mispelling in my post - running on empty today...

If you don't mind wandering over to IndyMedia, here's a piece I wrote about Giusto shortly after the DOJ released its report: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/351631.shtml

I don't think I'll send it to Bernie though.

Yo Bernie "G"...If I were you I would shut my mouth, sit back and collect the check and benies. Remember the wisdom of Rasheed Wallace "If anyone doesn't like my game all I have to say is C.T.C...that stands for cut the check"

Somebody might get pissed and decide to go for a run-off against you if you keep up with this talking to the press thing. You be a jailer. Just keep do'in the jail'in and stop do'in the talk'in and y'all be o.k.

I agree this guy seems to have stepped in where he doesnt belong, but what's up with the name-calling?

Whats odd, is there seems to be more disdain for Guisto than that piece of garbage who was abusing his own wife.

What's worse, Jon, a husband ACCUSED of abusing his wife or Shaky Sheriff Bernie GoForTheGusto who BRAGS about abusing the public trust and dares us to criticize him?

One hurt his wife, possibly, the other hurt society, permanently.

Let's not forget that he was Neil Goldschmidt's chief bodyguard/driver when Goldschmidt was Governor and somehow ended up being in a relationship with the Governor's wife ... oopsie ...

Here's a Trib article to jog your memory re: Bernie and the ex-Mrs. Goldschmidt:


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