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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Severe weather cripples Portland again

Another vicious winter storm has brought the City of Roses to a standstill. Rain and wind have made Portland wet and windy all day, and as long as the precipitation and gusts continue, those who venture outside will find themselves getting blown around and moistened.

Not to mention the bitter cold -- 42 degrees and dropping at this writing. Damaging winds of 14 miles per hour are being reported out at the airport. It's so cold and nasty that the aerial tram -- our symbol of reliable transportation -- has been paralyzed. That's one hellacious winter storm, people. And so we're reactivating bojack.org Storm Center 9000 -- your one-stop survival information source.

Mixed in with the rain are actual snowflakes, which could make travel extremely dangerous if the weather turns to all snow, temperatures drop, and several feet of snow accumulate. We are presently just 10 degrees from the freezing mark, and so anything can happen. Forecasters say that there's a 100 percent chance of darkness overnight, followed by periods of light toward dawn.

We'll have continuing team coverage all night long, including eyewitness reports from the neighborhood under the aerial tram, where shaky passengers lived through a real nightmare this afternoon. We'll also have a forecast of the latest from China, where a deep low pressure system is causing widespread damage to American 401k's.

Stay tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000, and whatever you do, pull down the blinds and do not go outside!

Comments (18)

OK, not to add to the gleeful weather-reated hysteria, but while driving, I saw a huge tree branch fall into the road and break into big pieces. Huge. If that sucker had hit my car, I probably would have had a heart attack. Damn.

Thanks for the hazardous weather bulletin Jack. I was just about to venture out to run a few errands until your post helped me to regain my senses. Better to stay safe & warm inside this evening, off the treacherous thoroughfares and ride this one out.

Stay hydrated!

This would be even better if you could find the old teletype sound to put under it. chakity-chak-chak-ding!


That's almost, but not quite, the sounds Tootie's tram cables have been making for weeks now.

Everytime you ride the tram, the operator (they push one button) answers the usual #1 question-"how high of wind can the tram take?"-"Oh, we can operate up to 50 mph, but it is predicted that we won't reach those speeds but once a year". I love Portland's "experts". And can you believe the spin coming out of OHSU and the city today-"this is only the first time we've have had an operational shutdown". WHAT, after a month of operation. Just a glitch. I would hate to be one of today's 29 passengers with a heart attack in progress trying to get to the OHSU operating table up on pillhill.

Now I'm beginning to feel sheepish about my earlier post in another thread:

"Fortunately, for all of us here in the Pacific Northwest, when the weather turns icy, the TRAM will still run! Just like the MAX does. Hallelujah!"

How can I ever again hope for anything positive regarding the TRAM? How can I ever again generate Phaith in the Phart? Woe is me.

I would like to report several puddles near 39th. Be careful.
e.e. cummings might have called the world puddle-wonderful but that was Spring. He obviously never experienced a Winter storm in Portland.

Bojack Storm Center: Looks out the window so you don't have to.

Was this storm an inside job? 8)

I hope everyone has an exit strategy and a plan for good weather.

i hope you have all have your emergency rations, water, batteries, and blankets ready. you must be prepared at all times against Winter Blast 07.

I can't believe it, I left my office and met a friend for lunch downtown today, little did I know--I could have been brutally harmed by vicious weather!! Luckily, I survived.
Those folks at Storm Center 9000 get it right every time!

Why hasn't Super Vicki canceled classes yet? Has she learned nothing?

oh there was weather? i didn't notice. i was locked inside the airport holiday inn taking the BAR all day. bojack, where's the pep-talk for all us suckers? it's not to late to wish us luck on the mbe.

Best of luck to all of you! Suck it up! You can do it! This time tomorrow, you're a lawyer!

there was tax on there, jackson. two times! one was regular type tax and another was about whether a particular tax levied by congress was constitutional, but seeing the word "tax" twice made my heart skip a beat.

Was this storm an inside job?

No, but the city & Homer knew about it weeks ago, and let it happen for the construction contracts.


The weather is affecting your cognitive ability. You forgot the rim-shot note when you mentioned the tram.

Better hie yourself to wherever they took Super Phillips.


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