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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Prince for President!

No red states, no blue states -- just purple, my paisley children!

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One parallel I kept waiting for a national columnist to make is between the plot of the movie Purple Rain and the Super Bowl gig. In the movie Prince is not getting his due till the end in the nightclub when he finally turns everyone's opinion around with an amazing performance that includes the title song. Prince has endured in our society but he's never really gotten his due. Maybe the Super Bowl performance will act in the same way. This guy is not ready for a low-key gig in Vegas, which is what he's doing. Maybe we'll finally get past the undeniably kinkiness and weirdness and just see the main truth: Prince is one of a very few of the all-time musical greats. It's even better now that he is 48 because he's a much more mature person. Now, I admit a couple of the guitar licks got away from him at the Super Bowl. Strings do weird things in the rain, but during the "All Along the Watch Tower/Foo Fighters" part he hit a lick that was so spectacular, it would have knocked Jimi Hendrix out. And the singing? During "Purple Rain" he had one phrase that was as soulful as anything Ray Charles ever sang. We're talking about a musical monster here.

Sorry. Make that "undeniable kinkiness."

Jack, you're starting to worry me.

Bill, you've never stopped.

Seriously, Bill, you're quite right. This dude is so far beyond that we still haven't caught up. Whatever you want he can dish it up better than anyone - if he feels like it. If he ever gets hungry again, watch out!

Best photoshop ever!!!!

couldn't possibly any worse than the Cheney & Rove errm Bush administration.

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