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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Odd Contest of the Day

Willy Week offers a smart reader a chance to win a hundred worth of good stuff, here.

Beats the heck out of me.

Comments (7)

The whole photo caption "thing" smells of Neil G., fancy car, fancy neighborhood, nefarious doings in the day.

But, I see The King in a later-model car.


I bet its stolen...

The photo is taken near looking southeast from the south side of SW Jefferson St west of 14th Ave. I recognize the old Marabba West apartment building in the background (now condos?).

SMKE - smoke? Who's the big tobacco lobbyist - Mark Nelson?

Paul G

Actually, I walked up and took a look - the photo is in the parking lot at 1410 SW Jefferson St, the location of Fog Cutter Capital. Could this be Andrew Wiederhorn's car? I have no clue what the "SMKE" plate might mean. Smoke and mirrors?

Paul G

Nah, Weiderhorn's vanity plate is SNKE -- "snake" -- since he's slimy, slithery, dangerous and on the loose.

Usually a "SMKE" plate on a pimpin' 15+ year-old Caddy would imply the owner's a fan of marijuana. Perhaps Mr. Weiderhorn has parlayed his new-found street cred from his days in the Pen into a lucrative business slangin’ the chronic.

It's nice to have a business on the side when your base salary is only $589,000.


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