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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nice spot for lunch

I don't get downtown for lunch much, but today I had a nice, late one at a relatively new joint called West Cafe over at SW 12th and Jefferson. I think this used to be the location of the restaurant attached to the chef school. For you dirty old guys out there, it's across from the Jefferson Theater and the old Jazz Quarry.

Anyway, lunch was delicious, satisfying, and not too heavy. Great room, great help. What more could you ask for?

Actually, reasonably priced parking would have been nice. To park for an hour and a half at a meter on the street set me back two bucks. Gotta pay for that aerial tram, the streetcars, and all the other Homer Williams condo marketing toys.

My lunch companion told me there are still penny parking meters in operation in Silverton. As Howard Tate sings so eloquently, Get it while you can.

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Don't get me started on the parking downtown thing...My office is out on S.E. Belmont and I need to run down to the courthouse here and there. No matter if I spend 10 minutes in the spot or an hour it's the same charge. It's also very difficult to find a spot since they put those damned hoods on every other meter. O.K. I'm sounding like an angry old grouch now so I'll just quit while I have the illusion that I'm ahead.

Silverton does indeed have penny parking. They also have a very nice little Chinese restaurant there in their Chinatown...which is the length of half a block. They even have signs to let you know when you're entering and leaving Chinatown.

The appetizers are a rip-off, though.

Didn't have those. Started with a latte (getting a very late start on the day), then the turkey reuben. Both first-rate.

I don't understand your position on parking meters, Jack. Do you think that all parking should be free all the time? How is that a responsible way to manage a public resource? You made exclusive use of 150 square feet or so of public space, and the City asked you to pay a $2 rental fee for that. That seems very reasonable.

About a year ago, it was half that. I don't appreciate the 100% increase.

I don't like the new meters, because:

*The stickers and tear-off receipts have a way of piling up in your car.

*It's a PITA to walk all the way to the central meter and back to your car in the rain.

*You can't tell if you're over the line of a designated spot, as you're parking the car, because there is no individual meter as a marker. From the driver's seat, you usually can't see the painted lines.

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