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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Live remote

Our comprehensive team coverage of the Portland Storm of the Century of the Week continues now with this live report from our Clark County correspondent, Butterbean:

I was getting 'Couv fever and had to get out. They still haven't caught that guy in Tualatin yet, but I don't care. YOU try spending five straight days north of Mill Plain.

I headed east on SR 14 and can report several drivers had deployed their windshield wipers in an effort to cut through the driving drizzle. Things didn't improve much on 205 south as a nasty 5 mph cross wind forced drivers to slow all the way down to 55 mph for portions of the drive. Fortunately I reached my undisclosed destination before the sun went down and was thus spared the worst. Unfortunately I'll have to drive all the way back to the 360 in a few hours. Provided I arrive home in one piece, I'll make sure and give you all the details.

Be brave, Jack. This looks like the nastiest weather we've had in a good week. Back to you.

Stay tuned for continuous live coverage of this late winter storm here on bojack.org Storm Center 9000.

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It doesn't get any better in the dark, let me tell you. 205 had several treacherous dry patches between Oregon City and the Glenn Jackson Bridge. My new 75,000 mile Costco specials were able to navigate them with no problem. It does seem though that many folks are taking your advice and staying off the roads. As we all know, dry pavement can sometimes be the trickiest of all.

I'll be reporting all day tomorrow from Camas, where the weather always carries a little extra aroma just to keep things interesting.

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