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Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm hip

I see only one first-run movie a year -- if that -- but I know how to pick them. This year I caught an Oscar winner. Cue Dave Frishberg: "Just ask me if you're in doubt." And congratulations to Savion Glover for Best Feet By Far.

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Small kids do that to you. I managed two award winners this year - The Departed, and The Queen. It is the first time in years I've even heard of some of the movies. My youngest is finally growing up and so I can graduate from "G" movies.

That's a long time between WIRE recommendations.

I was "forced" to endure'An Inconvenient Truth' and 'The Queen',but did manage to see 'Little Miss Sunshine' on my own. I actually liked 'The Queen' for the Corgis and Helen Mirren, and 'The Awful Truth' was not as bad as I expected but came pretty close.

"Dave Frishberg" How apropos, Long time since his name has popped up. Now all we need is his "Attorney Bernie" to straighten out future contracts of the anointed.

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