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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Going for a ride

Photo courtesy Miles Hochstein / Portland Ground.

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I like the little baby's thoughts.:)

I spent several days in Portland last week for business. I drove under/past this supposed tram at least 2-3 times per day. All different times of the day from 8 in the morning until 11 pm at night. I saw cables hanging in the sky, but never once did I see anything resembling a tram. Are you sure there isn't something in the water and y'all are just hallucinating the tram?

Judging by the weather, that picture must be from some other town. Palm Springs, maybe?

Hmmm.... continuing with the conspiracy theme, it would appear to me that based on the shape of the cabin, this particular tram is sliding along the cable sideways (never mind that everyone in the cabin appears to be fascinated by the uphill view instead of the river or downtown, WTF?)

But then this photo is obviously a hoax anyhow, as we can clearly see some sort of HVAC unit mounted in the upper right corner of the picture, and we know that the PHART contains no such amenities whatsoever.

Obvioulsy these are all tourists, attracted to Portland by the Tram, further demonstrating the enormous success of the Tram.

These could easily be conventioneers too if we had a Metro Hotel.

But never on Sunday.

I have been hearing comments from friends that when they ride the tram during weekdays, (only the saturday is free through February) they and others on the tram are not even asked to show OHSU ID or state if they are patients, or have any proof of business with OHSU. They have been getting on free as "tourists". I can't wait for the audit that is required to assess who is using the tram to determine what percentage to charge the taxpayers and OHSU for the yearly maintenance costs: 501 OHSU users vs. 5689 public users! So OHSU will pay 1/11 of bill, not to mention the lost revenue. Love this accountability.

I read somewhere that they've agreed it's going to be 85% OHSU and 15% city for the first few (five?) years. So the audit won't come 'til later.

But maybe I dreamed that.

If there not charging people then they must be counted as OHSU right? So you would need to reverse your numbers.

OHSU ID tags are counted as OHSU, others are to be asked their purpose. If patient or OSHU related they are to show the paper work, and then not charged. If not, pay $4.00. Some people without OHSU tags are not even asked for paper work or the $4.

But maybe I dreamed that.

Im sure THEY did.

I have a better caption...stolen from the tv show Friends:

Eww, its "Ugly Naked Guy"!

Or Ugly Naked Guy got a ThighMaster!

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