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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crimestoppers bulletin

Portland metropolitan area police released an important bulletin this afternoon, of interest to those currently on the lookout for an armed and dangerous robber. Police alerted the public that this man is not Vancouver blogger Chris Snethen:

Additionally, they point out that this man is not Vancouver blogger Chris Snethen:

No, this is Vancouver blogger Chris Snethen:

We return you now to your regular programming.

Comments (10)

I love Butter Bean!

Photoshop the hat & specs on a young(ish) Ed Meese.

Obama is trashing Hillary.

Cable television is broadcasting all-Anna- Nicole-all-the-time.

Bald Britney is about to lose custody to Fed-Ex and rentered rehab for third time in three days.

Russia is threatening a new cold war over anti-missile defense systems, and Putin said they eill attack Poland and the Czech Republic if they permit deployment.

A third U.S. Carrier battle group is steaming towards the Persian Gulf.

Prinze Frederic von Anhalt bolted from the polygrapher's desk.

And you're telling Fat jokes?

All of that makes me love Butter Bean even more!

And you're telling Fat jokes?

No, I'm telling Chris Snethen jokes.

And you are becoming tiresome.

I love Butter Bean!

And Butterbean loves the ladies.

Thanks for publishing the bulletin, Jack. I do believe I'll be staying north of the river until my friend here gets picked up. The last time I looked this much like someone else, things didn't turn out so well.

I didnt even know who Butterbean was until my son talked me into watching "Jackass" the other night.

Chris, I swear to god, that last guy you posted is Chris Smith....he's the robber.

Just put an "enviro-hat" on him and he is Chris Smith. Disguised again.

There goes Snethen's Subway diet!

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