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Thursday, February 22, 2007

By the numbers

They've assigned numbers to the ballot measures that will go before Portland's voters in May by referral from the City Council. Hold onto your seats -- I know you've been waiting for these with extreme excitement -- but here they are:

Measure 26-89
Requires City to periodically review Charter.

Measure 26-90
Updates and clarifies civil service provisions.

Measure 26-91
Changes form of City Government.

Measure 26-92
Defines mission, increases oversight of Portland Development Commission.

Numerologists out there, have at it. As its opponents will be quick to point out, 26-91 boils down to 18, which is the same as 666, so that one's definitely out.

Comments (3)

I thought you had to boil it down to a single digit -- which would be 9.

You are correct, and they both boil down to 9.


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