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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Billy Rancher birthday party Saturday night

Fans of the late, great, legendary Portland boom chuck rocker Billy Rancher take note: There's going to be a serious shindig in honor of his 50th birthday, Saturday night at Duff's Garage. Here's what I got today from Billy's good friend Houston:

Catch The Unreal Gods and friends @ Duff's Garage, Saturday February 24th, 9:00 pm.

Duff's is located at 1635 SE 7th Avenue, Portland

The Billy Rancher Golden Jubilee celebrates Billy's 50th B-day.

The night's lineup includes:

9:00 pm - Young Jonny Guitar - Unreal God's guitarist Jonny DuFresne's bluesman alter-ego. Young Jonny Guitar is the Ambassador of the Blues from the Soul of an Alternative Universe. A Juke-joint Hurricane with songs of Love, Loss, Darkness and Redemption. Mellow and Addictive, Supernatural, Bar-room Boogie to make you feel goooooood! (www.myspace.com/youngjonnyguitar).

10:00 pm - The Unreal Gods - "Boom Chuck Rock", "Rocky Road", "Upstroke Down", "Police Told Me", The Gods play Billy's timeless hits that filled the dance floors and ushered Portland into the MTV era. (www.myspace.com/billyrancher).

11:00 pm - The Church of Surf - As moody as a chilly day at Cannon Beach, The Church of Surf opt for a atmospheric, dramatic take on the instrumental sounds of surf and sand. Eugenio's restaurant owner, Eugene Gray and his quartet crank out a twang-n-reverb driven sound backed by Johnny Koonce on drums and visually augmented by the tantric gyrations of The Chakra Surfer dancers.

12:00 am - The All Star Jubilee Jam - In the spirit of "all the music that fits" Young Jonny Guitar will lead a cast of special guests in channeling the spirits of rock-n-roll past, present and future.

Cover: $ 10.00

There'll never be another Billy Rancher, but his spirit is still here and going strong. It never stops a-boomin' or a-chuckin' around.

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Did you go to the show? Pictures?

Alas, I could not go to the show.

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