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Monday, February 26, 2007

An experiment - Radio Bojack

Use the Pop Up button and you can stay tuned
even when you navigate away from this page.

UPDATE, 7/26/08, 4:41 a.m.: The Pop Up function is no longer working for us. In these days of tabbed browsing, that's not so big a deal, I guess. The thing still plays, and the number of tunes in the jukebox continues to grow.

Comments (13)

Very interesting.

Verrrry Interesting!

Good song. I just wish it would keep playing when I take a look at the comments posted by others on your blog. There are some surreal possibilities in combining the comments with music.

Click the pop-up button and play the radio in there. Then you can surf all you want in your main browser and the sound should stay on.

BTW, there are thousands of songs in there, and they come out in a random order, and so I don't know what it played, or will play, for you. Except that I know it's a track I've listened on my own computer in the last year and a half or so.

Wow! From one of my favorite groups during my school years.

How did you do this? I want to add it to my website!


If you want to add the bojack radio station, go here and work with the "embed" code.

If you want to start your own station, go here and follow the instructions. Then listen to lots and lots of music on your computer!

Inna-gadda-da-vida -Iron Butterfly!

Jack, you can put that one on, run to 7-11, and be back before it's over!

Absolutely. Just be sure you have the long version, not the single edit.

Yes, the pop-up button works. This is great! Thanks.

It's a fun deal. Thanks to Betsy for the original referral to last.fm.

everytime I back button out of your site the flashplayer (assuming your radio) causes explorer to crash. not a big deal but thought you should know.

Other than that your music is great, thanks

Very Cool.
The only bad thing is the out-of-season Christmas music. People are walking by my office and giving me the fish-eye for listening to Bing Crosby's White Christmas in March.
Rock on, Garth !

The button in the upper right is to skip songs that you don't want to hear. Or, you can hit the circle with a slash through it, for "don't play this track for me ever again." But I think you'd want Bing back right after Thanksgiving...

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