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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Who needs Scorsese?

It's unusual for me to sit through an entire feature film. It's even more unusual for me to see one in a theater. But in the last 24 hours, I've seen two movies, including one at a cinema.

The titles? Why, Chicken Run and Happy Feet, of course.

They were both good, but Happy Feet was really good. They hooked Savion Glover and his friends up to motion-tracking equipment, and the results are some incredible animated tap-dancing scenes. Celebrity voices are one thing, and this one has the obligatory Robin Williams, and even Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin in a brief role. But celebrity feet, now that's another. The film's a little long for small kids (what isn't?), but the wait between dance scenes is worth it.

If, like me, you never go to the movies any more, you may want to put this one on your Netflix (or equivalent) list.

Comments (4)

Right. At home, my feet don't stick to the floor.

Wonderful movie! I liked the diversity theme woven throughout, and concern shown for others. I missed the last part due to a certain 11 year old not being able to hold his soda. I will need to rent the dvd.

My Netflix queue is all booked up with The Wire, the breathtakingly masterful HBO series that has more insight into the American pathologies of race and class than it has any reasonable right to. It's timely, it's smart, and it's valiant, but it's definitely not for kids.

OMSI is showing "Happy Feet" in Omnimax, which might be a way to hold little kids' interest longer - and more comfortable for parents to take a nap during the slow parts.

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