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Thursday, January 11, 2007

In house vs. outhouse

Hey, you law firms out there! Want to get on the dole with the Portland Development Commission? They're looking to hire some outside lawyers::

To meet Commission needs and activities, the Commission desires to designate firms to provide a broad range of professional Legal services in support of and in close coordination with Commission staff. Selected Contractors will provide Legal Services on an as-needed basis in any or all of the following areas:

• Documentation of multifamily residential loans, including bond or tax credit financing.

• Small business loan reviews.

• Advice regarding tax increment financing and urban renewal.

• Real Property acquisition, both voluntary and by condemnation.

• Labor and personnel matters, including investigation and litigation.

• Sophisticated advice in the creation and implementation of financing tools.

• Owner or lender representation in construction contracting, including public bidding.

• Owner or lender representation in environmental matters, including the RI/FS process

• Loan collection matters, including bankruptcy and secured transaction litigation.

Note, too, that in addition to feeding you agency work, they'll throw you some private clients, too -- "owner or lender representation." Good eatin'.

I don't know, though; some of that stuff looks pretty basic. Can't in-house counsel handle some of this?

Anyway, lawyers, now's your chance -- the deadline for applying is a week from Thursday. It will be interesting to see who gets the work -- and if and when the PDC will tell us.

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