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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The funny paper

Today's pearls of wisdom from the O editorial board:

-- Mayor Potter's greatest achievements in 2006? Building the Floating Twinkies and putting a Band-Aid on the severed carotid artery that is the Portland police and fire pension "system."

-- The city is "in good financial shape."

-- James Chasse died in police custody "in large part because he couldn't communicate."

-- The movement by the City Council to reform governance of the runaway Portland Development Commission is "inexplicable."

And they wonder why they become more irrelevant every year.

Comments (4)

Regarding the Oregonian editorial that the City of Portland (COP) is allegedly in good
financial shape --

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the city about 6 months late in filing its financial statement?

ISTR that there was a discussion of late COP financial reportsin this forum back in November / December. IIRC, at that ime it was brought out that the COP financial report are always late, and that a lag from June 30 to 1 December was no big deal

Have these reports actually been filed? If not, does anyone have any idea what Bob Caldwell and his merry band are basing their assessment upon?

P.S. Anybody seen thee state mandated audits of the PDC or the last eceral years?

Maybe some (one ?) of Jack's lawyer friends might want to nbring a mandamus action in Circuit Court in Multnomah County to orce either (a) issuance of the audit, or, in the alternative, (b) a halt to all PDC projects until the PDC audits are actually performed and published.

"And they wonder why they become more irrelevant every year." I'm not sure they are aware of their irrelevance otherwise you'd think they wouldn't write tripe like this.

I asked about the release of the city's 2006 comprehensive financial report just prior to Christmas, and was told that CAFR assembly orders went out to the printing and distribution division on Dec. 20, and that the report would probably be available today (Jan. 2), online and in hard copy. It is not up yet, at 3:45 PM, but here is the url I was given:


Wow, it looks like they're smoking from the same pipe as W.

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