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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Take a cha-cha-cha-chance

Best wishes to Vice President Dick Cheney, who turns 66 today.

How do you think he's celebrating?

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How do you think he's celebrating?

He simply doesn't accept the premise of your question and frankly thinks you're out of line.

Last I heard, he was going to do a community service day -- read some lies to underprivileged kids at a Head Start, then head over and steal food from a senior citizens center.

Firin' a few rounds off probably. In the air of course.

Whatever it is it will be held in an 'undisclosed location'.

He's delighted—delighted—to be having another birthday.


His doctor has actually advised against that. Too much stress on the 'ol ticker.

How do you think he's celebrating?

Invading a small nation?

Nice picture, Jack. I have finally figured out who he reminds me of....The Penguin from Batman (the TV series, not movie).

Yep -- check out the whole crew here.

Easy, lighting his cigars with copies of the Constitution:-)

Dropping low yield nukes on quailtards.

What's he got on? The official chicken-hawk uniform?

I know Deadeye Dick is raising a toast to the "incredible victory in Iraq" by drinking the freshly-squeezed blood of hot nubile virgins, which means the Young Republicans are definitely out of play!

I think he's eating babies. Again.

Toasting "Scooter" Libby

I don't know.
I met the guy at a campaign stop and he seemed quite genuine. He looked good and healthy, spoke reasonably and had a good hand shake.
I liked what he said too.
Is there something wrong with me?

I'm not sure "wrong" is the term I'd use. But this is the worst federal administration in around 75 years, and this fellow has been running it through his puppet. Maybe you love what America has become. But the vast majority of people in the country, and in the world, now disagree with you.

I liked some of what he said, too. Especially about the insurgency in Iraq being in its last throes. Too bad it was all BS.

Perhaps "wrong" is the wrong term.

He didn't talk about his puppeteering when I met him. Should I have asked him about that?
Right after I asked him if 911 was in inside job?
What term should be used for the BushChaney haters who alos think 911 was an inside job?

Peace :)

Hmmmm...66...666...a numerologist could have lots of fun with this one.

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