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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Storm Center 9000 update

We continue now with our live, comprehensive coverage of the Portland Snowstorm of '07. Snow continues to fall in our area, and as it hits the ground, it is piling up. Since the air temperature is 27 degrees, and the freezing point is 32 degrees, the snow that falls is not melting, but rather accumulating.

Accumulated snow can be slippery, and it appears that this snow is no exception.

Stay tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000 for further updates all day long. We look out the window -- so you don't have to.

Comments (13)

How cold is 27 degrees?

Let's put it this way. This morning I saw a squirrel on our deck, warming his nuts on the cover of our hot tub.

I'm guessing about 5 degress below freezing.

I will never forget the snow/ice storm of '96 that preceded the floods. My then girlfriend and I had sequestered ourselves in her place up on Pill Hill and prepared to watch an NBA game we'd been looking forward to all week. We all know how the story turns out, of course. The goofs at KGW decided to go wall-to-wall Storm Center that day, telling us if we didn't have to go out...don't. It would have been nice to see the game that day. Just as it would have been nice to watch Judge Joe Brown this morning.

I know school is closed. I know the snow's not gonna stop. And I know it's gonna be a funky drive home. Someone needs to entertain me. Maybe with a horse kicking a chicken.

Gee...looks like TriMet got caught with its...chains off! and the weather 'forecasters' were way off the mark.
However, it is January after all. I am not too sure why the intensity of coveryage is necessary. What would everyone do if it snowed in July?
Thanks for looking out the window for all of us, Jack.

It's so exciting when it warms up to freezing.

Just in...
KGW says that the tram is OPEN and free to all today. No waiting

The folks over at the Storm Team 12 blog called the snow yesterday afternoon and they were not even in Portland. They are at some Meteorology convention down in San Antonio. Matt Zaffino on channel 8 last night totally blew it, though maybe his cold medicine was affecting his judgment.

We're over 3 inches at 9:30 am in Brooklyn with tons of little ones sledding down the little hill in Brooklyn Park.

I did have a wonderful 3-mile run in the snow this morning. It was a good workout that felt like running in soft sand.

freezing rain + snow in Corvallis..

OSU has not yet closed due to weather this year but did cancel all of the AM classes today.

Stay tuned!

The Tram that Saved Portland? I'm not ready for this!

How cold is 27 degrees?

I saw a robin putting its worm in a microwave.

Tradition says that the kids in our neighborhood take over the steepest local road for sledding, and shut down traffic (there are ways around, though). That happened this morning. I consider this a perk of living here.

Oh the bitter gnashing of teeth that filled our house this morning when first it appeared PPS would not close. Oh the full-throated bay of joy that smote our windowpanes and shivered the snow on the shrubbery outside when word came in PPS would close.

And, that was just our one 15 year-old boy. When the full gaggle of his friends arrived an hour later, things got really noisy.

Now they are all out, infesting our neighborhood in the time-honored snow day way -- sledding on streets that will now be (if they weren't before) entirely impassable to cars, throwing snowballs and hanging out with members of the opposite sex.

The cat sleeps on Frank's pillow, having lost all faith in my ability to present him with an open door leading to sunshine and butterflies...

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