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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Storm Center 9000 - Pre-Dawn Edition

We have breaking news for you this morning: The snow that was on the ground last night is still there. It has not melted. You are to stay home or (we're trying to keep a straight face here) take Tri-Met to work. Now that everyone is bagging their jobs and schooling for the foreseeable future, the buses are chained up and ready to go.

There is no school today. Last night Portland schools chief Super Vicki made clear that all the district's facilities will remain closed today. Rather than risk criticism for a late announcement, such as the one made yesterday, she added that the schools will remain closed at least until February 5.

Portland police precincts will remain closed at night and all weekend, indefinitely.

This has been a live update from bojack.org Storm Center 9000. Stay tuned for comprehensive team coverage throughout the day of the Portland Thin Layer of Snow on the Ground of 2007.

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hey Jack, having worked in the tv business and done my share of those ridiculous "we're out here in the cold, don't do what we're going" stand up live shots at Troutdale and other crazy places...your "storm watch 9000" is a hoot and spot on.


Just want to give a shout-out to the Tri-Met drivers out there. I'm on the 54/56 line just down the hill from Hillsdale, and over the past two days Tri-Met has done an excellent job getting me to and from work. My drivers have dealt with crowded buses, the inclement weather, and the occasional hell-raising driver who thinks it's appropriate to pass a bus on Barbur Blvd. in these conditions. So far, the drivers have been professional and surprisingly cheerful. I'm not sure I would be so sunny if I had to tap the brakes fifteen times every time I wanted to stop.

Thanks for the hilarious coverage.

I am not from here and do not understand why Portland does not salt the roads. Can you enlighten me?

Dagny, Oregon doesn't use salt on their roads, it's usually sand or magnesium chloride (less harsh on the environment). Also, snow is rare enough in Portland that they don't have the plows, sanders and deicers that a city of comparative size in, say, Minnesota might have. It's up to the drivers to keep out of trouble... so it's probably best to cozy up under a blanket and stay off the roads. :P

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