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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Storm Center 9000 - on hiatus

We continue live team coverage of the Portland Slushy Thaw-Out of 2007, with an important programming announcement. After two grueling days of 'round-the-clock watches in Storm Center 9000, we are resuming regular blogging and taking our act on the road.

Way on the road. Far, far away from the ice and snow.

Indeed, we have just arrived at our new, temporary location, where it is currently 79 degrees and mostly sunny. As usual when we embark on these junkets, we invite readers to guess where we are.

Comments (20)

With a temperature that high, I'm guessing Miami, or even better for you, Key West.

You're in the ballpark.

Good ol' deductive reasoning. Previous blog said you were taking a red-eye from Portland, so it had to be east of the Mississippi and south of the Florida panhandle. Could'a been the Caribbean, though.

My guess is that you are in Atlanta for a big announcement: Andre 3000 of OutKast, will be replaced with a new rapper: Storm Center 9000.

No more André 3000?

A sad day in Atlanta.

I've seen The Firm. I know tax lawyers are constantly traveling to the Cayman Islands to hide boxes of files in secret rooms. Must be the Caymans.

Just dipped my toe in the Atlantic.

Just dipped my toe in the Atlantic.

Orlando. Again.

BTW, in Houston at dawn it was 35 degrees and raining.

San Juan, Puerto Rico?

There are, I expect, some interesting tax issues related to businesses located there.

Back in the 321 area code, perhaps?

Fort Lauderdale?

You're in Hollywood, Florida attending the ABA's Section of Taxation mid-year meeting.

Looks like a pretty nice hotel you're staying at...!


Hollywood, Florida.

So what do I win...?

Are you blogging from a conference session - or did you go all the way to Hollywood, Florida to sit in your hotel room and blog?

Blogging will be light -- I just got off the beach! Cross-country skiing to ocean swimming in 24 hours. Tough life.

You tax profs sure do have a rough life.

It's all thanks to our nation's progressive income tax!

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