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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Storm Center 9000 - Night Watch Edition

Storm Center 9000's continuous, live, up-to-the-minute team coverage of the Portland Thin Layer of Snow on the Ground of 2007 continues now with a warning from your local veterinarians. They're reminding area residents that blizzard conditions such as those plaguing our area this week can be very stressful on pets. Make sure that yours are kept fed and given plenty of water, and don't leave them outside for long periods. Although your animal buddies may have a protective layer of fur, that does not mean that long-term exposure to the brutal cold will not hurt them.

To prove the point, our correspondents found this unhappy pet in the Buckman neighborhood, who had obviously been abandoned to the snow and cold temperatures:

Stay tuned to continuing coverage of the Portland Thin Layer of Snow on the Ground of 2007 here on bojack.org Storm Center 9000. We're staying on the air 'round the clock until this ordeal is over.

Comments (5)

That thing is creepy.

Bunnicula! I love it!

I believe it's a jackalope.

Yup...Jackalope. A little out of its range.

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