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Sunday, January 28, 2007

She's got a point

A while back, the place that cut my hair at the time sold me some "product" -- their word for hair goo. When I got it home, I learned something they didn't tell me at the salon: This stuff smells like mangoes. Now, I'm not talking slightly like mangoes, people -- I'm talking major fruit-fly magnet. Unfortunately, I was looking for an everyday do-maker, and I definitely couldn't handle being identified as the guy who always smelled like that. And so to the back of the lower regions of the bathroom cabinets went the garishly colored tube of whatever it was.

Until tonight. Tonight I was feeling kind of frisky, and given that I just had my ears lowered yesterday, I figured I could use a little extra grippage on the ever-thinning mane. And so, on my way out to a geezer birthday party, a little dab did me.

Well, that was going to be that, until I got to the function and they handed me a cocktail made of some kind of white hooch and a combination of pomegranate and mango juices. "Mango! Wow!" I said, and I explained how my hair dressing matched the night's libations. "Smell my head!" I blurted out gleefully.

A good old friend of the female persuasion looked at me with thinly veiled scorn and responded, "I don't think that line is going to work for you."

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Funny- just a few days ago I smelled a very strong (man-type) mango smell on a guy passing by but I don't think it was you.

Go mango!

This is the perfect weather for a hair product made of mangoes. If you're out walking in the cold wind, the fruit flies have a tough time keeping up.

You cannot have Mango...

I rather think papaya is more you - but, if you're putting it on your head, nothing beats a watermelon.

I did have some watermelon hair spray for a while, way back when. I think it was by Paul Mitchell.

I don't use hair goo, but I do use body butter (another opportunity for YOU) that has definite pina colada overtones....I love it! If I cannot be in Mexico- it's better than a tanning bed! Viva la differencia!

SNL called. They want their Mango shtick back. Give up or face their IP lawers. j/k

... BHWHAHHAH.... "smell my head" would likely get you shot around here.....

Jack, if you keep this up someone will file a complaint and the police will arrest you.

Of course first they'll have to read you your Carmen Miranda rights.

It's really just a matter of spelling correctly. "Man Go - a burlyman's goo"

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