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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shameful if true

An alert reader writes:

I could swear I saw Erik Sten entering a parking garage on Salmon this morning in a red Volvo SUV.

Has he gone to the dark side? What will the Bus kids think?

And what next? Comcast cable in his house?

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I moved to Oregon in 1972 with all my wordly possessions packed in the back of my 1970 Volvo wagon.

I'm currently on my 5th Volvo wagon, a 1998.

It is the safest, roomiest, most practical...

OK, the SUV looks really friggin' stupid, like it's taken too many steroids.

Sorry, am I being defensive? It's this damn tram thing, and trying to get someone to ride with me. I feel like an ugly hooker trying to drum up business...and the response is: you've GOT to be kidding!

Take three homeless people with you. The egalitarians at OHSU will love that.

When I ran into the commissioner on the campaign trail he was always driving a Subaru... I think it was a forester.

I wonder if he realizes he is driving a Ford. They sure did a good job of hiding that nameplate. Man, ol' Erik is making the scratch, that's a $50K set of wheels.

My God, a Forester is a SUV! How can Green Sten do that here in Portland? Leonard is planning on outlawing SUVs and donuts.


firenvironmentalist Randall will make an exception - if the SUV has recycled, trans-fat filled, run-flat donuts.

glazed, of course

When I ran into the commissioner...

AHA! That's how you got the hole in your door.

The Forester is an SUV on a technicality. All wheel drive station wagon isn't exactly a true truck and it isn't towing a boat or other machiline CO2 chugging machinery. It definitely is a far cry from a Ford Excursion or Chevy Yukon.

Funny though. If Erik wanted real street cred he'd role a diesel SUV like Randy Leonard so he could by B99.

Erik can fill up at Citgo and support his ideological brother, Hugo Chavez.

At least it isn't a Hummer....Like the soon to be former director of the Vancouver Housing Authority.


Well maybe now y'all will agree with some carbon taxes. You'll be able to dig into your favorite anti-hero's income ... be it Ahnold or Eric ... or ...

Funny though. If Erik wanted real street cred he'd role a diesel SUV like Randy Leonard so he could by B99.

Interesting...do you know which diesel SUV he drives? I would bet its the Jeep Liberty. The only others are the Ford Excursion and the VW Toureg. The VW is really nice, too. But $70k. And I dont see him driving the Ford. But I could be wrong.
If you want the Jeep though, get it soon. Because the governor's new Calif-style DEQ regs make non-commercial diesel vehicles illegal starting next model year.

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