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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Queen of SoWhat

I see that Vera Katz showed up in her fake fur to cut the ribbon on the OHSU Health Club aerial tram [rim shot]. Basking in the eerie glow of the sterile, soulless condo jungle for which she sold the future of the city to please her heroes Neil Goldschmidt and Homer Williams, she's still making speeches. Enjoying the spotlight yet again. Carpe diem, dear, because history is not going to be kind to you.

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So, did they barbecue a gay sheep?

"We were willing to take a blank canvas and begin sketching in what we wanted to see." The 'we' being a few select individuals with access to money or power. Interesting that two of the 'artists' who worked on this 'blank canvas' choose not to live in it. The Tram will be a wonderful monument to unchecked hubris and arrogance.

Vera Katz: the face that launched a thousand boondoggles.


At least she banned snout houses.
Just imagine the city wide benefit from that.

Yes, she banned those ugly snout houses, then required putting in driveways along side your houses so you can place those ugly garages in the back while cutting down trees on your lots, paving an additional 50% of your lots, and excluding you from having a nice backyard because it is now a garage.

Very environmentally friendly. Let us not think logically, it is all to save the planet-so you think.

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