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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Oh, man. Bob Miller sent me this, which he picked up from Oregon Media Insiders. It's a site with a ton of old Portland TV and radio clips. Old, as in the early '80s.

Goodbye, productivity for the day! Check out this one.

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Vic Atiyeh and Billy Ray Bates - a classic one-two punch for the DFO.


Gadzooks but I wish Farrells was still around for my kids.

Hey, come on. There's a lovely condo bunker there now. Quite an improvement. And you can shop for ice cream at the Zupan's Mar... no, wait, that never happened.

Are there still places around town along the lines of Farrell's or the Organ Grinder Pizzeria? Strip mall Chuck E. Cheese's don't cut it. There's the Pearl Street Ice Cream Parlor, which is basically a Farrell's under new ownership, but it's all the way down in Eugene. Damn shame. These tykes don't know what they're missing.

There are some decent gelato-type joints that are independently owned. I think there's one down at NE 15th & Brazee and another up at 46th & Fremont.

Farrell's was good but I hated all the singing.

Folks who want to know what happened to Farrell's should go here: http://www.happyitis.biz/

Key quote as to why the restaurant failed: "Farrell's excelled in the 1960's by being a high-quality ice cream parlour and restaurant with a novel twist. In the 1970's it began changing into a novelty with steadily decreasing quality of product and service. More and more it became the place to go only for the kid's birthday, especially since one could eat a meal at Denny's for the same price as a banana split and coffee at Farrell's."

Jack: But it's just not the same without employees running around in vaudeville outfits banging on drums and ringing sirens. Another problem with local gelato shops: no robotic monkeys.

Anyone see the news clip about Vera?

"Very Katz escaped from Russia and Nazi Germany to become one of the most powerful women in Oregon." ??

I did not know that.

Another problem with local gelato shops: no robotic monkeys.

Maybe they could just play a video of the most recent State of the Union address.

I was wondering if BRB ever learned to read...when I Googled this:


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