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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Portland Paralyzed - Day 2

Here at bojack.org Storm Center 9000, we continue now with our comprehensive team coverage of the Portland Thin Layer of Snow on the Ground of 2007. Here we see pedestrians struggling to cross a southeast Portland street with treacherous footing. Fortunately, a traffic calming device is present, and with its help they are barely making it across:

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I only slipped and fell once on my way to the bus-stop. Rather proud of myself. Fortunately the MAX was running, so I made it to work in good order. The problem is, there's alomost nobody else here!

I spent almost four hours yesterday on Tri-Met trying to get to work (started at 6:30 a.m.). We would have made it if the buses had been chained up. It is typical of Tri Met to blame someone other than themselves for the poor planning (i.e. "we depended on our weather forecaster"). It is better to be overprepared than not prepared at all! I gave up on TriMet and went home with the blessing of my boss via cell phone. The best part was an unexpected "snow day" for adults. We walked to our neighborhood McMenamins and had a wonderful afternoon of good company and conversation with friends.

Why is the little guy sniffing the big guy's armpit?

The big guy has no arms, and therefore no pits.

Tri-Met yesterday was a mess, but I have to say that today my commute was actually SHORTER than normal. Drove to the local transit center and caught an express bus within five minutes. Even got a seat, which is unusual. We cruised downtown in no time and I got to work early, only to find hardly anyone here and three of my staff calling to let me know they can't make it.

Oh well, a good time to catch up on email.

I threw in the towel on getting to work yesterday. Snow was too deep and streets way too slick for my rear wheel drive car. So I trudged a few blocks to wait for the No.9 Powell to eventually show up and take me downtown. After waiting nearly an hour in the falling snow and having no bus arrive (but at least two going EMPTY the other way) I gave up.
Thanks for serving East County so welll TriMet! I will remember that incident when I write a nice $600.00 check for TriMet taxes this April - YOU USELESS JERKS!

I actually ventured out this morning in the car and along Barbur Blvd, near Burlingame Fred Meyer's, the roads were decent. That helped as I had a carload of precious cargo (3 little girls under 8 and momma) and no chains. My partner, Jodi had to get down to Johns Landing this morning to faithfully open up the pack and ship store where she works.

I heard on the radio that Hamilton St. which leads down to Corbett St., into Johns Landing, was closed down because it was so slick. She had to walk down to Macadam Ave. from Barbur because of that. She reports many cars slip sliding and running stop signs. Woof!

All in all, the roads were ok but please take it easy out there, folks. Go slow and give plenty of space for stopping. Not everyone is as astute as the readers of this blog. :)

This just in from the City Council: In the event big private condo developers get stranded during the storm, the city will hire helicopters to drop money on them from the air.

It is better to be overprepared than not prepared at all!

Portland tradition. We'll all be overprepared for the second, much weaker, event. As Jack has already noted, they've already closed schools through the end of the month in preparation.

Me? I made a run to the Camas liquor store. I'm set.

I traveled as usual. But, doesn't the city use the plows for plowing? I didn't see any evidence of plowing other than on the freeway.

Why is the little guy sucking the big guy's nipple?

Taking TriMet is not as easy or fast as taking your car. The bus drivers have to deal with all of the clueless jerks out there on the roads, and there were plenty yesterday. I got everywhere I needed to go yesterday on TriMet (work, and the up to the Hoyt Arboretum for some snow enjoyment) I did have to wait longer than usual and learn the snow route, but I don't see that as a major hardship. My beef is with Portlanders who can't seem to pick up a snow shovel. The streets are okay, but the sidewalks are a mess. Is shoveling the sidewalk really that hard?

You have to own a shovel first...

For all the people for whom shoveling the sidewalk sans snow shovel IS inexplicably hard, we had pretty good outcomes using our recycling bins for that purpose yesterday.

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