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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Planners and math -- a lethal combination

A reader sends along this embarrassing little story. It appears to relate to the work of this Portland planning firm in connection with the proposed Black Rock Reservoir project up Yakima way. Hey, they were only off by $2 billion.

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OK Dave, confess is this why they shot up your car?

Black Rock benefit? A $2.4 billion question
By DAVID LESTER http://www.yakima-herald.com/page/dis/310317514981254


How can a consultant confuse a 1 year revenue projection with a 100 year revenue projection?

Anybody know the name of the "Portland consulting firm?"

Sorry: I just clicked on the second link.

I wonder if they did any work on the Tram?

I really doubt a Planner is to blame for the world-class f-up. Others involved in a development project usually make a point of keeping us away from numbers and budgets.

I'll bet the billion dollar plus value they attached to the tourism revenues is solid as a rock.

Jimbo, it WAS a PDOT planner, Matt Brown, (and many others at PDOT, PDC, and Planning Bureau) that spent years purposely lying about the tram costs. I'm sure Homer and other developers loved their "messengers-dirty work minions".

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