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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

News to him

I see that Governor Ted is shocked -- shocked! -- that there's corruption in the state Corrections Department. Although he had heard something about an illegitimate child.

To me the most shocking part is that the U.S. attorney is getting around to busting some bureaucrat crooks. I wonder if she ever got her mole in Portland City Hall...

UPDATE, 9:51 a.m.: Oh, and Ted doesn't know anything about this, either.

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At least when Williams was awakened from his comfortable, appointive slumber, he tacitly acknowledged a "problem". Typical that he was focusing on the possibility of state money having been "lost" and not that he had a crook on the payroll. Sort of a cause/effect disconnect there.

The other deal, with the elections people, perfectly illustrates endemic bureaucratic disdain for public interest. The quotes from McGuire are priceless - he's my top candidate for the Oscar for sheer effrontery. Trained by the best (Bradbury), his arrogant, amoral self-evaluation is not surprising.


...don't know the meaning of the word.


Speaking of sleeping, where's Hardy?


Myers doesn't dare go near public corruption cases - hits too close to home.

Can you say lackey?

I thought that you could.

Easy, tiger.


He's a grrrreat guy!

...but he's no Eliot Spitzer.

And, as far as public corruption goes, Eliot Spitzer is no Eliot Spitzer.
I think the fox/henhouse simile applies.

Wait for Clinton II, then the feds will really crack down.


The sound of A.G. Kroger has a nice ring to it. Maybe he would put to use his extensive prosecutorial experience. Any thoughts Jack about your colleague possibly stepping into the fray?


I try not to write about my work life and colleagues on this blog. Pending further thought on the subject, I think I'll pass on that topic, other than to say, it's quite interesting.

"I think the fox/henhouse simile applies."

I would like to see a federal fox hunt in every entity in the state with investigative responsibilities.

March 12, 2006: (OIC Inside Deal?) Accel-KKR and Saber Announce Acquisition of Covansys Corporation's State and Local Government Practice


January 25, 2006
Accel-KKR Announces Investment in Saber Consulting, Inc..

March 08, 2006
Accel-KKR and Saber Announce Acquisition of Covansys Corporation's State and Local Government Practice.

Accel-KKR focuses primarily on three types of transactions:
* buyouts of divisions, subsidiaries and business units from public companies
* acquisitions and recapitalizations of closely-held private companies
* going-private transactions of small public companies.

Accel Partners Company Profile "The firm also teamed with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to launch the Accel-KKR fund, investing $10 million to $50 million."

Do I need to note here that anything that touches KKR should trigger an inquiry into a link to the Oregon Investment Council. The profits have been good in the past from the relationship.

Don't leave this stone unturned. The private equity folks have been busy trying to box out disclosure of secret activities ever since a california court had agreed that public records law applied to a university's investment in google, prior to the goog ipo. The feds could dig deeper than I could ever go, alone, to flush out and detail the network for our food retailers and health care industry etc. etc.

Corrupt but legal.

Maybe the Feds are closing in. Possibly the corruption flying around PDC/City Council marriage will be next on their list. At least it will be easy to prosecute "conflict of interest", but I am sure Hardy will be there first.

It seems to me the only reason we need the Feds to step in is because we've failed, as citizens, of holding our officials accountable.

Yes, I think we have failed. Maybe because the crooks are kind of tricky and the press either doesn't catch on or doesn't care.

"a federal fox hunt "

Lately, the feds are more into witch hunts. U.S. Attorneys in other states that have demonstrated skill in the investigation and prosecution of political corruption -- at least where republicans are involved -- are being systematically sacked and replaced.

There has always been serious politics in federal corruption probes. With a blue state and a red White House, you would expect the U.S. attorney to dig deep.

Hmmm... anyone remember the Michael Francke murder case?

Ah, hello, corruption in the Oregon prison system.... been going on for decades.

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