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Sunday, January 7, 2007

More NFL amazement

I'm watching a pro football game, and on one of the teams, two of the guys' first names are Tiki and Plaxico.

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I understand "the Tiki" is retirng.

I wonder who the Tiki torch is being handed to ?

The name "Plaxico" has an honorable history in American politics; it was the name of the maternal grandfather of George E. Allen, onetime head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and a Washington wit who wrote the immodest book, "Presidents Who Have Known Me."

For those of us MFG* fans, we'll be sad to see Tiki retire after such a disappointing season full of such hope and promise. It even seemed as though boy Manning was playing something other than his third rookie season.

Strahan and Umenyiora out. O-line decimated. Secondary still crappy. Oh well, it's a rebuilding year in 2007.

On the plus side, I got two Talyor Pork Rolls over Xmas. Delish.

*Miserable F'ing Giants.

Tiki and Plaxico are common names among those who can't spell names like John and Edward. Written evidence during his criminal trial demonstrated that O.J. couldn't spell the word "again." Didn't he graduate from some college?

Not a sports fan,

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