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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Light reading

Here's a big, fat .pdf page-turner for you: the State of Oregon's official financial statement for the year ended June 30, 2006. The deadline for publishing it was Sunday, New Year's Eve -- the state got it out on Friday, the last business day before the year-end.

The same deadline applies (ORS 297.465) to all municipalities in the state, including the City of Portland (unless they get an extension from the state treasurer). Still no sign of that report, though. Hmmm....

Comments (5)

Does the last paragraph mean we don't have to pay the commissioners since the reports not out.

297.990 Penalties. In addition to all other penalties, any county court, board of county commissioners or managing or executive officers of any municipal corporation, who violate any of the provisions of ORS 297.405 to 297.555 or fail to have the audits and examinations required by those sections made, upon such violation or failure shall forfeit to the county or other municipality their salaries and fees due them from the county or other municipality; and it shall be unlawful for any officer of such county or municipality to draw any warrant in favor of the members of such court, or such commissioners, or managing or executive officers of such corporation, in payment of such salaries or fees, or to pay the same in any manner. [Amended by 1977 c.774 §23; 1979 c.286 §13]

Whoa-ho! Good catch! Give it up, Fireman Randy!

They probably got an extension of time, or are taking their sweet time posting what they've already filed. This is the kind of thing that politicians like to "release" at around 4:30 on Friday afternoon -- exactly as the state just did, and on New Year's weekend, no less.

Its partially posted, the note said some more to come on January 5th and other parts in March 2007

What about retroactive payment sometime in March? Or a year and a half just as for raises at the conclusion of labor disputes such as Gresham-Barlow? Or KiwiWit payments made without authorization, but later ratified (or is that pre-funded)? Maybe Randy can find a fund who's account balance notes that it is dedicated to payment of salaries and that will be the end of any inquiry about the lawfulness of payment?

Its partially posted


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