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Friday, January 5, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States

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What is this bipartisanship you speak of? Near as I can tell he's gonna spend the next two years throwing a tantrum.

...and reading our mail.

Last month "Shakes" said he would "listen to the generals in Iraq and give them what they need".

Every single general told "Shakes" a THIRD U.S. surge (the allies all went home) would mean double or even triple the casualties.

"Shakes" then promptly fired the generals and said "STAY THE COURSE!"

Oh, and it turns out A.P. was correct -- Iraqi Army Soldiers did kill six people by burning them to death in the town square -- the right-wing bloggers said it was a lie -- from their torn leather couches -- turns out A.P. found the massacre witness -- who was then imprisoned for -- telling the truth.


Facts are fun. Michelle "All Mouth" Malkin is not.

I love Michelle Malkin.

Is your dislike a racial thing?

Please, we have had enough of that for a lifetime, much less one week.


you're right

Y'all hear Michelle is going to Baghdad?

But she can't afford the $2,500 airfare to Amman, so she's passing the cup at her web site.

Sad, but true.

dems and pubs have the same agenda:


"Oh, and it turns out A.P. was correct -- Iraqi Army Soldiers did kill six people by burning them to death in the town square..."

Not according to the link you provided. And how do you know Jamal Hussein really does exist, Daphne? Just because the Iraqis now say he does doesn't make it so. Not until he's physically found will the truth be known.

I suspect I am going to regret asking this, but who is Mihelle Malkin?

Nonny: Buy yourself a google. (Now do you regret asking?) ;oP

What I think we are going to learn is that this particular monkey can't do anything -- worth while or not -- that would require explanation or persuasion or consensus, because those are not part of his tool kit. When push comes to shove, there isn't a whole lot the Congress can prevent his doing, and the Congress -- absent the votes to override a veto -- can't do much if he doesn't go along with it. As somebody said, it's likely to be two years of hell.

Please do not call President Bush a monkey on this blog.

He is a chimp, not a monkey.

In a similar simian vein, from a different angle...

I see Wyden's ad on the right (odd, that) includes the following: "talking 'bout Universal Health Care (of course he means national health care, I hope).

When is Ron gonna do some talkin' 'bout Shaft?

I mean, I mean.

Can you dig it?

Shut yo' mouth.

Jack, for whatever it's worth, that's the very first time I've ever laughed out loud at a blog comment.

I was overdue to get back at you. Last night's "only organic people" saved my week.

Allen L. -

While you are correct that the President won't be able to do much because the democrats have a majority in congress; and congress won't be able to do much because they will have a hard time over-riding a veto. This is pretty much what most of us like - when government is stalemated then its much harder for them to mess with our lives.

As for national health care - think of the Postal System or the DMV and apply that speed and those standards to health care. We will be dying off faster than ever before - hope you don't have an emergency (the government's definition of emergency is usually different than mine).

Associated Press found the Iraqi Commander who saw the six poor Iraqis BURNED TO DEATH in the square... an event right-wing bloggers (who have never even been to Iraq) said was untrue.


The massacre was so true, Commander Hussein has been arrested. The charge? Speaking to the media.

Nice to see democracy and the free press are flourishing in Bush's Iraq... next thing you know our boys will be torturing prisoners and leading them around on a leash. Can you imagine that!

Michelle Malkin admits she was wrong, wrong, wrong and that six Sunni Iraqis were burned to death in the square in Baghdad for purely entertainment purposes.

Michelle says she was as wrong about that as she was about Sen. Kerry dining apparently alone in a mess hall in Iraq.

Seems reporters had cleared the table of all soldiers before Michelle could start taking pictures with her balky Instamatic.

So, the new score on facts is A.P. Two, Michelle Zero.

Because how can you cover a war in your pajamas???

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