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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I meme mine

Want a fun time-killer? Make a Google map of every place you've ever lived. Here's mine. (Last address approximate. Doesn't count a summer staying with buds in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or two summers bouncing around L.A.) [Meme via Derek Balling.]

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Even more fun is to use the MSN map feature. From msn.com, click on "Maps & Directions" and type in your address. Then look for the navigation controls (on the left of the map, with 2D and 3D at the top), keep it in 2D and switch to the "Bird's Eye View" icon. It gives you some of the best satellite images I've seen, and you can view the address from all four points on the compass. (Note: it only seems to work on PCs, not Macs.)

Oh, maaan. The worst part of that whole thing (which of course you sucked me right into) was trying to remember where, exactly, I used to live once upon a time...

I used to live a couple of blocks away from you, SW Corbett and Gaines. We were nearly trammed!

Man, I'd be at that a long time.

Not that I won't do it, mind you, but still... whoah.

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