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Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy birthday

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A great post, Jack

Yeah, thanks. I've had news shows on all morning and here's the only place I got to hear --again-- the whole speech.

Sadly America's still writing NSF checks for payment on much of our promise.

The bad check metaphor was so strong -- How many people in that crowd had bounced a check? -- but he was just getting warmed up, of course.

Isn't today also Many Happy Returns for Jack Bog?

As much as I appreciate the iconic "Dream Speech", I suggest another speech to concentrate on today, in this time... 40 years later:

Thank You Jack.


We quoted that one last year.

I don't have many regrets from my childhood, but one is declining to join some family friends on that March on Washington. (Though I did many such marches later, against the war.)

I DID see and hear King speak out against the Vietnam war at a demonstration at the UN...but it's always disappointing to me the "establishment" media never seems to "remember" that part of him, as we've turned MLK into a street across the country, but forget that he would be very, very opposed to this latest insanity we call the war in Iraq.

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