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Monday, January 29, 2007

Gig of the Month

Who says there aren't enough jobs in Portland for the creative class? The city is looking for someone to provide "management and financial services" in connection with extending the inane streetcar system over to the Idaho side of the Willamette. Apparently the goal is to get a "small starts" grant from the Federal Transportation Administration. (The Lake Oswego streetcar is also up for such a grant.)

The pay for these services? Estimated at a cool $270,000, for 12 months of work beginning in March.

And don't forget this:

For purposes of review and in the interest of the City's Sustainable Paper Use Policy and sustainable business practices in general, the City encourages the use of submittal materials (i.e. paper, dividers, binders, brochures, etc.) that contain post-consumer recycled content and are readily recyclable. The City discourages the use of materials that cannot be readily recycled such as PVC (vinyl) binders, spiral bindings, and plastic or glossy covers or dividers. Alternative bindings such as reusable/recyclable binding posts, reusable binder clips or binder rings, and recyclable cardboard/paperboard binders are examples of preferable submittal materials. Proposers are encouraged to print/copy on both sides of a single sheet of paper wherever applicable; if sheets are printed on both sides, it is considered to be two pages. Color is acceptable, but content should not be lost by black-and-white printing or copying.
Got it.

Comments (6)

Uh......I notice on the vendor list, one "Jack Bog's Blog."

I sorta know Sandy Boardman, the contract administrator. Want me to put in a good word? :-)

I signed up on those lists so that I can keep up on all the great money-making opportunities with the city. Cheaper than an Arlington Club membership.

True, but Arlington Club has better food.

This proposed streetcar extension is absurd. Improve the bus lines, for gawd's sake, and get a bus line that runs along Burnside both east and west of the bus mall.

What can we do to stop this project?

This "service provider" job seems to be on the realm of the tram operator job-$87,000 a year. Add in the "bennies" that go with the job (another 50%)and it is no wonder the operation costs doubled in about two months of thinking about it.

For clarification. The tram operator job is the s/he that stands at the tram's door to make sure everyone pays who should and says "let's go" and pushes a button.

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