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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

False alarm

Scary moment today for Dave Lister. For a while there, he thought that his car had been hit by a bullet in the driver's side door while he was motoring down I-5 near the aerial tram [rim shot]. But apparently it was nothing so alarming. From Portland Police spokesman Brian Schmautz a little while ago:

I have been fielding calls about a possible drive by shooting on I-5 this morning involving Dave Lister. His driver's door has been removed and officers have concluded the damage appears to have been caused by road debris.
That's a relief.

Comments (7)

Can we assume "Road Debris" a new-age name for Street Trash as seen in downtown Portland?

My wife's Jeep got hit by something on I-405 (merging Northbound from I-5) yesterday: it cracked her windshield. It seems logical to blame it on PDOT gravel that wasn't cleaned up after the last snow event. Alas, the stone was not available for examination.

Can we assume "Road Debris" a new-age name for Street Trash as seen in downtown Portland?

No. But we can assume that your IP address won't be viewing this site for quite a while.

That's odd. I spoke to Dave about 2:30 this afternoon after hearing the news on the radio, and at that time he was still under the impression it was a bullet hole.

I've never heard of road debris punching a hole in a sheetmetal car door.

We'll have to wait to hear from Dave. All I know is what I've reported here.

I'm glad Dave's o.k. I'd caution him to use his seat belt as long as the police have his driver's door.

Thanks everybody. I sent Jack some pics. If he posts them you can tell me if you would not have come to the same conclusion. The police seemed to think it looked like a bullet hole too, until we couldn't find a slug. Whatever it was, I'm glad it hit the door. Anything that could punch a clean hole through sheet metal would surely have gone right through the window, and possibly ruined my good looks.

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