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Monday, January 8, 2007


Two reliable sources have now confirmed that the previously announced confab between the Portland Parks director and the people who had unanswered questions about her plans for Mount Tabor Park -- a heart-to-heart that was originally scheduled for next week -- has been cancelled. Apparently there's going to be a meeting at some point, in some format, some day, where the neighbors will get the straight and skinny lowdown from Ms. Santner. In the meantime, hold onto those tickets:

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In the running for your best photoshop yet.

What a cool site for generating ticket stubs. I can find a near infinity of uses for this. I've now got it bookmarked. Thanks for the tip.


So, I have a question related to portland parks.

Our great "council" members have passed a city-wide ban on smoking in parks(this includes pioneer square)

In my understanding of Oregon Law, A city law cannot be more restrictive than state law. Since there is NO law on the books in Oregon regarding smoking out of doors, does the city of Portland violate the Oregon Constitution.

does the city of Portland violate the Oregon Constitution.

Only one way to find out. Just don't make Jack your first phone call...

That law about smoking restrictions applies only to the Indoor Clean Air Act. The links are on my blog, reviewed under the most recent "Next Up at City Council" post.

Well, if they enforce a smoking ban with the same diligence as they do the leash law, even a chain smoker needn't worry.

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