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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Better late than never

Our comprehensive coverage of this week's weather has delayed it, but here it is: the list of our Top 10 Disappointing Public Figures of 2006.

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I guess Homer and Dike, Peter Kohler, and Neil Goldschmidt so completely lived up to expectations that they don't get a place on any lists except people who deserve an EZ Pass to hell.

Goldschmidt already has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from us in '04.

To make the list, you have to be "disappointing." I gave up on Kohler a long time ago (although he was no. 5 in 2004), and the other two looked shady right from the start.

Finally! The PoPiggies make NUMBER 1 on some list. Way to go boys 'n' girls...keep
oinking along!

Let me repeat my request to all that have anything to do with the streetcar:

Fulfill your promise to reveal the streetcar passenger-miles so that we can properly allocate costs per passenger-mile.

Or are you all covering up this crucial number to coverup how big a waste that thing really is?


How about no. 1 reading ... "Officer Christopher Humphreys (left) and the Portland Police Bureau command structure and union management"?

Sorry, I'm still an optimist, but I believe that the average beat cop out there doesn't employ these tactics, ever, and still has enough integrity left to be apalled. It's just not an environment conducive to whistleblowers.

If I worked in a place where abusive people were killing other people and nothing was being done with it, I'd feel a duty to stand up and say something. Apparently no one on the Portland force feels the same duty. It's all about "standing together." Well then, fine, they're all bums.


I know you made Jim "the one trick pony" Harlock's day with your selection of Chris Smith. Still, I don't understand how a "selfless, dedicated citizen activist" can be in the same league as the infamous 9. If public transportation is an issue, how did OHSU get a pass?

Because all OHSU did to us was the tram. Smith loves the tram, as many wasteful streetcars as possible (buses are way cheaper), and apparently, anything else that uses public money to sell condos. And unlike OHSU, which most people rightly sense is a bunch of self-centered rich guys, Smith can be sold as a quirky Everyman whose heart is in the right place. He's capable of, and has inflicted, much more damage.

Sadly, I don't think he's getting a cut of the take.

For what it's worth, I think Chris Smith's heart IS in the right place. You just happen to disagree with him, which is fine.

I wasn't being sarcastic. I, too, believe his heart is in the right place. But he and his developer heroes are breaking us.

So where's Waffler-In-Chief Potter's name on the list? Oh wait, I forgot, you actually like him. That or you've finally joined the rest of us and given up hope that he'll ever actually DO something.

I wonder why you are giving a pass to the racist cowards over at the district attorney's office who continue to give homocidal cops a free pass whenever they act out. I think they go right up there in the gsllery.

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