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Saturday, January 20, 2007

At Bush Airport in Houston

Corporate pay wi-fi that gives no prompts about how to establish a connection, and therefore is utterly useless to most users.

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One more segment, and you're home free, wifi-wise. Good flying weather, too, here in northwest Oregon.

Lufthansa was almost the only airline to use Boeing's Connexion system for wi-fi aloft. (No US airlinese, to my knowledge, signed up for it.) This nifty system was put out there by Boeing at great expense, and it seems to have been a financial flop of some significance. I once paid $10 or so for an hour or two of use, just for the novelty of it. For me, at least, it's much better entertainment than trying to watch a bad movie on a 13" CRT from eight or so rows away, which pretty much describes Lufthansa's state-of-the-art entertainment system. But nobody wanted to pay for it (and Lufthansa doesn't offer laptop power in coach anyway) so Boeing shut it down. Last time I was on Lufthansa, at the end of November, they it was available free of charge on the outbound flight. Homebound, a week later, it was gone.

Actually, I was home when I posted this entry. Couldn't post in Houston!

On-board internet will come back. I think some airlines in Europe have it going now. Unfortunately it will arrive in the United States about the same time as in-flight cell phone usage, which will drive me batty.

...surely the responsibility of those darn corporations, comrade! Perhaps the local city council can come to the rescue!

Regarding free wifi, be careful:

Don't fall victim to the 'Free Wi-Fi' scam
Those wireless connections could be a trap


Well, this is a Halliburton-built facility.

Perfect.... evidently you have to be an insider, to know how to access the "free" stuff at Bush's place.

I used to have to spend a LOT of time at GB International--worked aboout 1/4 of the time in Houston.

All I can say is DON'T DRINK THE WATER.

No, you won't suddenly get the urge to go vote Republican or shoot a "friend" in the face. But you will be accosted by chunks of metal in the bottom of the vessel, and an overwhelming scent of bleach, used to kill the virii prevelant in their water system.

Those wireless connections could be a trap

Just wait until Portland's is in full swing...
I wonder how many people will be savvy enough to know how to protect themselves from attacks such as this? Or will they just "shut up and enjoy the free wireless"?

I cant wait until the first hack of the parking meters comes. I suspect you will be able to do it with a PDA or cell phone eventually.

But fear not...Vista will save us, right?

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