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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Alert! Alert!

I think I just saw a snowflake! WE MUST SHUT PORTLAND DOWN NOW!

UPDATE, 7:04 a.m.: It's dumping now. I believe this school day and work day is going to be deeply impaired, if it happens at all.

UPDATE, 7:27 a.m.: I am going out on the back deck now for live, up-to-the-minute coverage. Team coverage will be delayed until the kids get up.

UPDATE, 7:35 a.m.: Not quite enough to ski on yet, but we're definitely talking snowman quantities already.

Also, KGW's giving the following important school closure information at the moment:

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UPDATE, 7:40 a.m.: Meanwhile, over at PDXinfo.net:

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UPDATE, 7:42 a.m.: It's official. Super Vicki has pulled the plug.

UPDATE, 7:47 a.m.: Now keep your browser tuned all day to bojack.org Storm Center -- where we'll be reporting live and in-depth on things that you could find out by looking out the window!

Comments (27)

Sure enough, my daughter's bus is on a snow route today.

What's the difference between our regular route and a snow route, you ask? Weeeelll...here on the east side (for her bus, anyway), it's one and the same stop...

Oregon Live: "Sorry kids. If you live in Portland, get ready for school. Buses are running on snow routes this morning, but schools are opening on time. Lake Oswego, Forest Grove and Hillsboro, however, are closed."

Those wussy suburbs...

I wouldn't be so fast about waking the PPS kids up - last week, they changed their minds at 7:25 am, and this week's notice explicitly said 'changes possible pending a.m. conditions'.

I'd say the next thing you'll hear is "opening two hours late." It's not supposed to be much of a storm -- probably melt off by late afternoon. But hey, we closed for cold, why not for snow?

I tied a rope around my waist so I could find my way back to the house this morning when I went out to get the newspaper. It's gone beyond a trace. It's a freaking Willamette Valley Blizzard.

It probably has reached the point where things around here customarily shut down. And the latest I've heard is that it won't get warm enough to melt it down today. Sounds like a Portland snow day.

We (KPAM) just got off the phone with Vicki Phillips. They are in now in the process of determining what they're going to do regarding closure. 7:18 am

Bob Miller

The tension is building.

Pull the trigger, Super Vicki!

Awesome up-to-the-minute updates! Thanks, Jack and Bob!

This is so funny.

Not the snow noooooo...

Portland Schools now closed. Its official. Just got off the phone with Vicki Phillips.

There you have it people. The phone!

Awesome! My daughter and I are bundled up ready to go; got all the "too many connections" reports on the official sites, so refreshed here and got the info. Thank you so much!

bojack.org Storm Center -- at your service.

P.S. "Awesome!" is the word of the day here at our home, since it looks certain we will have enough snow to sled on.

Sigh. Life in the lowlands.

It's eight o'clock and Channel 2 still doesn't seem to have the Portland school status.

Heh - I'd already pulled the plug on my own kids' attendance at 7:16 am...

From my vantage point overlooking I-5 near the Terwilliger Curves, traffic is at a crawl going into Portland. I truly feel for those commuters today. I was grudingly prepared to take two little girls to elementary school and one to day care but now we can't even do that. Its time to build snowmen! whoooo hoooo! Good call (however late), Vicki.

My work place is closed! It's a snow day for dad! Too bad I lost the good old Yankee Flyer during some move long ago.

Bummer. We retirees get nothing out of these work/school closures. I don't even get any vacation time.

Bummer. We retirees get nothing out of these work/school closures. I don't even get any vacation time.

Get, get, get.

Look out the window, go outside, enjoy it!


"From my vantage point overlooking I-5 near the Terwilliger Curves, traffic is at a crawl going into Portland. "

That means you can probably see the tram too! Oh, let's pray that the doctors don't get stuck in the PHART!

I thought the white stuff out there was just an unseasonably bright sunlight reflecting off of dust particles. I totally would have walked to my office this morning wearing only a tanktop and flip flops if I hadn't turned on the news this morning.

That means you can probably see the tram too!

It'll be a good day to test the heater.

Oh wait...

Okay, that's a hell of a funny post. Good job. Sadly, I'm afraid most Portlanders miss the humor...

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