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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

W's comfort zone

Bill McDonald has some interesting thoughts about the former frat president, now our President, today:

Apparently, nothing focuses this man like failure. He seemed energized by the gigantic mess he's made, and eager to make the mess worse.

There's clearly something psychological at work here. He's spent his life trying to talk himself out of bad situations of his own making, so maybe this has put him in a comfort zone. He finally has the conflict in Iraq on his own terms, which means it is all screwed up. He seemed defiant and almost happy as he sparred with the reporters about this fiasco. The war isn't wearing him down -- he seemed invigorated and joyfully alive.

There's more. The whole thing is here.

Comments (3)

The Whole Thing is well worth a read. The analysis seems to fit as well as any explanation. I was impressed with how much apparent pleasure W took as governor in presiding over executions in Texas. I guess the life-or-death power is a kind of trip for some. If valid (and why not?) it puts him in a rarefied class with people like Hitler, Stalin and . . . of course . . . Saddam Hussein. It begs the question: how can such a person gain and hold onto power in a democratic country?

A fat, lazy, poorly educated democratic country...

Holy cow! I don't disagree about Bush, but this sounds like the Portland City Council also.

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