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Saturday, December 9, 2006

We all got misty

A trip to the neighborhood library branch with the kids typically yields some music for dad to listen to, and a handful of children's books for us all to share at bedtime. From time to time, the girls' selections, made pretty much at random, turn out awesome.

And so it was with "Desser the Best Ever Cat" by Maggie Smith. Mom and the girls read it one night when I was away. When I got back, they told me that it was great, but they asked me to read it to them because it made them cry. I did as they asked, steeling myself so that I didn't show any emotion. But it was no use. Desser's story is so beautiful, I cried, too. Big, warm tears.

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Thanks for a great Christmas Gift suggestion for my daughter, I have a collage of her and her beloved cat she got or as the legend goes picked her for her owner at 5 years and who passed away when my daughter was 20, They slept together, played together, the cat was so tolerant, she put up with being dressed in doll clothes and "loved" by toddler brothers who loved the "Kitty" the second or third word out of thier mouths. The cat finally had a stroke and the vet assured us was not in pain, so we wrapped her in a blanket and brought her out to where my then adult daughter was working to say good-bye before we put her down. Talk about going through a box of Klenex in record time.

You'll love Desser.

"Big, warm tears."

i love you jack bogdanski. you're like the good dad i never had and who i still don't have but who has a nice website and who taught me a nice tax class once. i'm glad you're on the planet.

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