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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

They often call him Speedo

Earl the Pearl has been named to the House Ways and Means Committee. With both Gatsby Wyden and Born-Again Smith on the Senate Finance Committee, Oregon's got more clout on federal tax policy at the moment than it has since Bob Packwood tongued his way to a lobbyist job. Too bad the White House won't be going along with Earl and Ron's ideas, but maybe in a couple of years, the Beaver State will lead the nation out of the insanity of its current tax system. As someone who's made a career off the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code, I can honestly say that it's a national disgrace. If they simplify it to the point that tax profs are no longer needed, I'll applaud. Maybe I can teach contracts and property law.

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Already gunning for that PDC job eh? Or maybe it's the sweet high-paying gig at Parks you're after...look out Zari!

I did not. Thanks for the tip. That kid is somethin' else.

Hopefully Ways and Means will appease Earl and keep him from running for Gordo's seat.

Think of the blast you could have using PDC as a case study for both property and contract law. It would have to run at least six semesters

Wait a minute, you think any sort of simplication of the tax system will come out of this State and those two nutters we elected? Were you serious or did I simply miss some sarcasm in your post? Earl will tax anything that has 4 wheels, makes money, moves, breathes, births, unless it meets his own inner green standard, and willy e. ron? Come on, as long as it can somehow be tied to health care for seniors and somehow be funneled to paying for drugs, he can tax it.

These are the last two jokers we need to simplify things.

Tax reform will only come from states who understand business and growth and do not view humans as a blight on the earth. That ain't Oregon any longer.

Should I have opened with "long time reader first time commenter?"

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