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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The winnah

After much deliberation, we have decided that the winner of the Comment Contest is Swankette, with her comment about her brother and social service in Portland generally.

It was an impossible choice. Rickyragg's "Oy vay Maria" cracked us up, and Ron Ledbury's "Stray Man" tale gave us much to think about -- questioning whether charities can stand up to the power and responsibilities of individuals. In the end, Swankette best lived up to the spirit of Buck-a-Hit Day.

Since her comment itself revealed her choice of a charitable donee, we'll send $250 to the Sisters of the Road Cafe. And with that, another year's charity drive comes to a close. Thanks to everyone who visited, contributed, and commented here this time around.

Comments (3)

yay for swankette! good choice, bojack. sisters of the road is awesome.

Thank you!

Great work all.

And thank you for organizing this charity event, and putting so much of your own money in the kitty.

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